Temporary Friends

by Crash Landing

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crash landing: temporary friends

a collection of songs. some old, some new.

recorded april-june 2017
produced/mixed/mastered by pete delbuono
recorded in pete's house (again) in cinnaminson, new jersey

front cover photographed by nick fysz
back cover photographed by lexie mullner
album artwork edited by nick oriold
various photos by lexie mullner/dylan hickerson/jordy lyric/the band

nick oriold - guitar, vocals, piano on "unfinished letter"
mike algarra - guitar, vocals, synth, piano on "unfinished letter"
harrison brown - bass, vocals
dan guida - drums, percussion, vocals

tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 8 written by nick oriold,
tracks 2, 4, 6, 9 written by mike algarra,
track 10 written by dan guida and nick oriold,
track 11 written by nick oriold and mike algarra.

thanks to pete, the friends & family that have stuck with us, anyone who helped us grow & progress, kevin d, jordy, dylan c, abby w, nick & noa, linds m, mike k (x2), ben g, our girlfriends, the kromish family, the goodwill outlet, staples, and, once again, the people who have inspired the songs on this record.

special thanks to the guys in old city revival, the final impression, breaking tradition, space cadets, VACATE, dwnr, heavenward, clearview, royal oaks, and pines for being there for us & being genuine people.

harrison's cat Sylvester, one of our favorite pets & inspirations, died in june. he was 13 and lived a great life. this record is also dedicated to him. RIP sylvester.

here's to a new beginning


released July 14, 2017



all rights reserved


Crash Landing Evesham Township, New Jersey

Four average dudes from Marlton, NJ. Est. 2012.

Nick Oriold: Guitar, Vocals
Mike Algarra: Guitar, Vocals
Harrison Brown: Bass, Vocals
Dan Guida: Drums

contact: crashlandingofficial@gmail.com
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Track Name: Piggy Bank
I'm saving money in this piggy bank
That you got me on Christmas day
And I'm watching it stare back at me
With black porcelain eyes

I'm saving money in this piggy bank
That you got me on Christmas day
And i'm gonna go to college, buy some clothes and buy a girlfriend
Buy the white house, buy the government, buy all the things you never got me
And i'm gonna lay on my floor and cry cause I'm so happy

Damn my friends are gonna love me
I'll own 47 Ferraris and a golf course in Europe that I'll never end up seeing
And my girl she's gonna love me
Better yet she'll love my money
And we're gonna have a baby, nobody's gonna hate me man

I spent all my money in this piggy bank
That you got me on Christmas day
Now everything I have has left me
And I am just a helpless man
Lying in a pool of my own tears I see 20 cop cars coming here
And all I see as I'm taken away are the black porcelain eyes
Bye bye
Track Name: The Ballad of Two Polar Teens at a Punk Showcase
There's an emo show tonight
And I'm hype
And all my boys are so tight
Push up with all your might

And now I'm stuck with you right here
Oh dear
It's time for me to learn what's right
And tonight's just not my night

And now I'm stuck uptight inside
My ride
With a fear that I might die
From a man from the inside

We all know that it is wrong
For my love
You're gonna learn the truth someday
And learn that I'm not out to play

I'm not growing up
I'm not growing up for you
I'm not growing up
I'm not growing up for you

I know you hate my guts
I know you hate me too
You know I hate your guts
You know I hate you too
Track Name: Throw Me Out
I really like you, you know that by now
But I always feel, like I've been thrown out
I feel pushed around, like you don't care
And it wouldn't hurt you if I wasn't there

But maybe it's me, and maybe I'm wrong
Maybe I'm right where I belong
But i feel left out, and that's for sure
So just for a while, I'm closing the door

I feel like I'm way too good for you
Because it seems that everyone loves you
And if all the stars don't shine above
Well I'll know that I've mistaken my love

I'll be waiting here for you to come near
Maybe it won't happen but I'll state it clear
I want you to know I meant what I said
If it happens once it might happen again

Please don't throw me out or leave me alone
I want to be here, I don't want to go home
I'll stay with you as long as you stay with me
I pray that we'll make it, well I guess we'll see

And if that day comes, where I say goodbye
I'll try to think straight and wonder why
I like you so much, it's driving me mad
I just don't really want to hurt you so bad

Well I guess we'll see
Track Name: Teenage Love
Teenage love is such a stupid thing
Despite my hypocrisy to let that hang
And oh I know, loves not a real thing
Infatuation strikes again

And I feel my tears
And I know that it heals
But it's weird that it kills
To have another failed girlfriend

I've come to know how tough this feels
I never run on the back of my heels
You turn and say to me that "I can't stand
Cause I've been standing for the past 3 bands"
Don't you know I fight or flight honey?
And I'm disheveled in an awkward plight
And oh I know it's not the same as
All the other nights

I feel my tears
I know that it heals
My awkwardness shows
Oh please don't go

I know you are the right one for me
Open up my eyes to truly see
This is not the place I wanna be
But you're the right one for meeeeee

I know you are the right one for me

So I guess I'll sit and see what life might bring
Track Name: Over My Head
I can't go to bed without thinking of you
For a second I thought this would be true
But when I gave you my all, you gave me your lies
And then you left me for another damn guy

Now I'm sitting in this dumb plastic chair
And i'm wondering why, how, and where
The hell am I gonna go and take it all in
Or act like nothing ever happened

Well maybe I should just leave you here
Or maybe I should just leave you alone
Well maybe I'm just over my head
I'm over my head again I'm over my head

And now I'm stuck on the ground I can't get myself up
I wanna know if anything is enough
To get me off of the edge, the verge of falling to tears
While your friends and who's friends drink all your beer

And right under your glass is a picture of me
Such a pretty little face, you see?
But now you spilled your drink and it looks like a mess
Of colors that drained all on the carpet

Well maybe I should just get out of here
Or maybe I should just give you a loan
Well maybe I'm just over my head
I'm over my head again I'm over my head

My head
I'm over my head with you now
Track Name: Innocence
I hope it's true, the way I fell for you
For 11 long years, I've longed to hold you near

Now I've grown so old, you've expired you're passed your date
And all I taste is of rotten milk
When I see you can't help but say

What happened to you?
It was just us two
You and your inexistent strife put a tumor right on my life

So this time I hold my head up out my hole
And go on search, but not just to strike gold
I watch the wall, lost in my own thoughts
And catch a body, coming through the rye

I know that I can't make myself change for you
It's true I'll cry
I cannot figure out my life
Track Name: Running out of Luck
I'm in trouble because you are not alright
And I just had the worst week of my life
I ran the car off the road and now I'm stuck
I'm professional at running out of luck

That's when I pulled up to your window late at night
And saw him taking off your clothes, he held you tight
And now I'm standing on this avenue 13
And the only one that's left to blame is me

Oh great

I crashed my bike in the park yesterday
I was thinking everything would be OK
Until I got a call from you this afternoon
You said I'm not the only boy inside your room

You proceeded to tell me how much I've failed
And how every word I said to you was stale
But the very second you hung up the phone
I realized that I was on my own

That's great

If you could tell me what it is, where I went wrong
Or if i really simply just do not belong
Could you tell me anything that I can cuff
Before I finally run out of all my luck?

Too late
Track Name: Surf Fishing
I met her one day on the beach when the sun was shining bright
She asked me if I would stay with her for just one night
She took me to her house and showed me everything that I could need
And as the sun set we would walk along the shore and oh the things we'd see
If only she was still around

It seems we're running out of things to say and things to do
She didn't bother to look up my name and number, I guess our love's not true
I said some things I didn't mean and now I simply cannot see
Those things I saw when I went surf fishing down on the beach

But some things change
They can't stay the same
All things change
You can't stay in one place
Track Name: Coffee Stain
I feel the hand of truth
Place a slap right on my face
I thought I kept it clean
But I spilled the coffee on my jeans

Yea I stained my khakis
I put a stain in my favorite pants

Don't you know I feel
So very very very sad
And my heart dissolves
It put a stain right in my soul

Yeah I'm not okay
Buy me some damn new pants

You've got a new guy
And I'm left alone in the dust
And that new guy
Trust me you cannot trust

Yeah I'm doing alright
I don't think about you every single night
Like you really really really really really really want me to
Track Name: The Fix
I keep you handy in my medicine cabinet
I keep my memories of you in the pockets of my jacket

You're the fix I can't live without
You're the fix that I would never dare to live my life without

I try to get away and you're still there
I try to walk away but everything is going nowhere
You're in my past and you're in my future
But I can't live my whole life knowing that I could lose her

You're the love I can't live without
You're the love that I would never dare to live my life without

There's no stopping me now
I think I'm going down
When no one is around
I'm seeing things and I need a way out
Track Name: Unfinished Letter
Open your window tonight, the stars shine brighter when you do
And let the breeze blow in and wash away your pain
There's no need to be scared when you're lying there in the moonlight
Or wondering if anything will change

Cause I thought I could listen to you
I thought you would tell me the truth, maybe someday
But for now I'm gone and I won't be coming back

Remember when we were young and dumb, we were happy
They were memories I replayed and wore out
You were someone I loved but all things changed on that night
I tried to fix the pages that were all ripped out

But how can I even try when you won't look me in the eye
Can't you tell me how someone can go on living before they explode?

When the tears that fall have dried
Coming from our blood shot eyes
Won't you tell me if all hope is gone and I can just move on